Our Mission

The mission of LivingItOut is to be a great resource to the needs of single mothers, orphans and children in foster care, and individuals in need.

Love & Care

We hope to ensure that orphans and children in foster care experience love and care while having an increased chance to be adopted and to access quality education.

Our Service Goals

● Provide feeding programs that meet basic food needs or supplement the feeding supplies of our target market.

● Provide housing and shelter support by providing housing stipends and support for individuals with housing problems.

● Provide clothing, items of basic needs and other in-kind support

● Provide financial assistance and stipends for child-care and emergency needs.

● Offer support to single mothers coping with the loss of a child.

● Establish donation network of local groceries stores, local food growers, retailers, and other food-related groups.

● Collaborate with shelter, housing service providers, and housing authorities to ensure that our target populations are served and educated about resources available to them.

● Partner and collaborate with local non-profits and organizations.